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As I mentioned here, we need to manaually manipulate the installer usb disk to avoid OSInstall.mpkg error.  So I made a script for 10.13 usb installer. This script is adopted originally from here. This script works well for me. I hope this could do the same to you.

how it works.

shell script has two input variables.  installer application name and usb disk name. installer application name should be Install macOS High Sierra. usb disk name is whatever you want to have in system and even FAT file system. script will automatically reformat usb disk HFS+ journaled. After creating usb installer done, detach usb disk and attach usb disk again. The name of usb disk would be OS X Base System like before.

how to use.

1. Install macOS High Sierra.app should be  located /Applications/ or the same directory where script is in.

2. open terminal and executed like this.  sudo ./hsusb.sh 'Install macOS High Sierra'  'usb disk name' 

Execution will be like this.

 sudo /Users/jjo/Documents/NewhackiN\ script/hsusb.sh 'Install macOS High Sierra' 'MYDISK' 



** Shell Script for making bootable USB High Sierra                                           **

** rev. 1.0 coded by NewhackiN @ www.sixflow.net                                              **

** original script from https://gist.github.com/grahamperrin/d6b9e979d46708b41cdd25d79552a4cb **


Checking OS X Base System is mounted..

OS X Base System Identifier : None..

Basesystem was not existed.

args 1 : Install macOS High Sierra args 2 : MYDISK

os_image is matching : Install macOS High Sierra

os image /Applications/Install macOS High Sierra.app is found. Proceed....

usbName : MYDISK

DiskName : MYDISK

USB_Device_Identifier : disk2s2 ..

start restoring to USB : MYDISK

disk identifier finding...

identifier : disk2

identifier2 : disk2s2

identifier3 : GUID_partition_scheme

disk2s2 existed..

USB has GUID_partition_scheme

Started erase on disk2

Unmounting disk

Creating the partition map

Waiting for partitions to activate

Formatting disk2s2 as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with name MYDISK

Initialized /dev/rdisk2s2 as a 7 GB case-insensitive HFS Plus volume with a 8192k journal

Mounting disk

Finished erase on disk2

 Mount the electronic software distribution (ESD) at /Volumes/install_app


$ hdiutil attach /Applications/Install macOS High Sierra.app/Contents/SharedSupport/InstallESD.dmg -noverify -nobrowse -mountpoint /Volumes/install_app

/dev/disk1          GUID_partition_scheme          

/dev/disk1s1        EFI                            

/dev/disk1s2        Apple_HFS                      /Volumes/install_app

Write the base system to /Volumes/MYDISK


$ time asr restore -source /Applications/Install macOS High Sierra.app/Contents/SharedSupport/BaseSystem.dmg -target /Volumes/MYDISK -noprompt -noverify -erase

Validating target...done

Validating source...done

Retrieving scan information...done

Validating sizes...done

Restoring  ....10....20....30....40....50....60....70....80....90....100

Remounting target volume...done

real 2m32.257s

user 0m8.675s

sys 0m2.395s

Remove a link (if present), copy packages


$ remove link to Package /Volumes/OS X Base System/System/Installation/Packages

$ time ditto -V /Volumes/install_app/Packages /Volumes/OS X Base System/System/Installation/

>>> Copying /Volumes/install_app/Packages 

copying file ./Core.pkg ... 

4408421804 bytes for ./Core.pkg

copying file ./EmbeddedOSFirmware.pkg ... 

59301203 bytes for ./EmbeddedOSFirmware.pkg

copying file ./FirmwareUpdate.pkg ... 

200477920 bytes for ./FirmwareUpdate.pkg

copying file ./OSInstall.mpkg ... 

669979 bytes for ./OSInstall.mpkg

real 5m54.231s

user 0m0.075s

sys 0m9.333s

Copy dependencies


$ ditto -V /Applications/Install macOS High Sierra.app/Contents/SharedSupport/BaseSystem.chunklist /Volumes/OS X Base System/BaseSystem.chunklist

>>> Copying /Applications/Install macOS High Sierra.app/Contents/SharedSupport/BaseSystem.chunklist 

copying file ./BaseSystem.chunklist ... 

1984 bytes for ./BaseSystem.chunklist

$ time ditto -V /Applications/Install macOS High Sierra.app/Contents/SharedSupport/BaseSystem.dmg /Volumes/OS X Base System/BaseSystem.dmg

>>> Copying /Applications/Install macOS High Sierra.app/Contents/SharedSupport/BaseSystem.dmg 

copying file ./BaseSystem.dmg ... 

490961728 bytes for ./BaseSystem.dmg

real 0m38.624s

user 0m0.012s

sys 0m0.988s

Unmount an image from /Volumes/install_app


$ hdiutil detach /Volumes/install_app

"disk1" unmounted.

"disk1" ejected.

Unmount the image of the base system


$ diskutil umount disk2s2

unmounting usb disk : disk2s2 ...

Volume OS X Base System on disk2s2 unmounted

sleep 5 seconds...

diskutil mount disk2s2

mounting usb disk : disk2s2 ...

Volume OS X Base System on disk2s2 mounted

You need to install boot loader to usb disk on your own.

I hope this could help you.

Here is file.


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